Nudes / 5 songs [Bandcamp, Cassette, Digital Release]



Band Name: Nudes

Label: Reeks of EffortDog KnightsBarely Regal

Location: Cardiff / London, UK

Release Date: 22 June 2015

Tags: indie rock, noise pop, punk





Featuring Stu Dando (drums) formerly of Breathe Out, Saam Watkins (guitar, bass, vocals) also of playlounge, and Sion Thomas (guitar, bass vocals) formerly of Saturday’s Kids, Nudes is a melodic, noisy and thoughtful blend of post-punk sounds. Think Rites of Spring, Husker Du, Meneguar, Sonic Youth.

Their 1st Album will be released on 25 September through, London-based Barely Regal and Sheffield’s Dog Knights



Links: Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / SoundCloud / Tumblr / Twitter

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