Lab Coast / Lab Coast LP [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]


Band Name: Lab Coast

Label: Faux Discx

Release Date: May 12, 2017

Tags: alternative, bedroom popcalgary, canada, garage pop, indie rock, lo-fi pop


Set to be released May 12 on Brighton-based label Faux Discx, the Lab Coast album plunders the depths of the band’s considerable back catalogue – which includes four albums, an EP, and numerous split tapes and 7”s – and surfaces with 16 of their most winning pop nuggets, some of which will see their first appearance on vinyl. From the chunky, tape-saturated earlier gems like “For Now” and “Really Realize” to the more recent, intricate breezers of “Bored Again”, “Helen Bach”, and “As Usual”, this collection offers a generous overview of a band whose sonic restlessness is matched only by the sheer volume of melodies enclosed within.

from bandcamp

Links: BandcampFacebookSoundCloud




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