Exit Someone / Dry Your Eyes [Bandcamp, Cassette, Digital Relese]


Artist Name: Exit Someone

Labels: Atelier Ciseaux Records (EU),  Summer Cool (NA)

Release Date: January 31, 2017

Tags: canada, cassette, female vocal, indie pop, montreal, soul, synth pop

Links: BandcampFacebook


Exit Someone is the husband and wife duo of artists June Moon (Forever) and Thom Gillies (Vesuvio Solo). Together their sound elicits relaxed, resonant pop melodies and rhapsodic poetry. Sharing the mic, their lyrics narrate the essence of love and loss with a fixation on symbolic imagery. Rhythmically, the TR-505 drum machine is featured exclusively as an exercise of reiterating patterns to highlight the storytelling.

The couple met in the summer of 2015 playing a show in Montréal, and formed a song-writing partnership shortly after. Dry Your Eyes is their first release and defines a becoming time of musical spontaneity.


Exit Someone


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