2016 My Favorite 15 EPs, 7″s, Split (a – z) [Bandcamp, SoundCloud]

– 2016 My Favorite 10 EPs, 7″s on Bandcamp, SoundCloud

A to Z


Arbes / Psalms [Bandcamp, Cassette, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/11/07)


Drahla / Fictional Decision [Bandcamp, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/11/18)



Forth Wanderers / Slop EP 12″ [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/12/07)


Good Morning / Glory 12″ [Bandcamp, Cassette, Name Your Price]

(Posted on 2016/02/15)


Hater / Radius [EP] [Bandcamp, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/09/02)


Henoheno / Canada [Bandcamp, Cassette (Sold Out), Name Your Price]

(Posted on 2016/05/27)


Hoops / EP [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/10/19)

Jay Som/ I Think You’re Alright / Rush 7″ [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/07/20)


Joy Again / Looking Out For You 7″ [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/03/14)


LOVING / LOVING [Bandcamp, Cassette (Sold Out), Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/10/12)


MARBLED EYE / MARBLED EYE [Bandcamp, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/08/22)


Mercury Girls / The Spook School / Wildhoney / Tigercats // Continental Drift LP [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]

(Posted on 2016/09/26)


Mumrunner / Gentle Slopes 12″ [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release] 

(Posted on Posted on 2016/11/01)


Vacations / Vibes [Bandcamp, Name Your price]

(Posted on 2016/12/24)


Wedding ring bells / Wedding ring bells [Bandcamp, Free Download]

(Posted on 2016/05/27)

R.I.P,  Ferg Miller

Wedding ring bells

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