The Gary Jerry John-John Band / Fly Free Rock Angel [Bandcamp, Cassette, Digital Release]

The Gary Jerry John-John Band


Band Name: The Gary Jerry John-John Band (formerly known as Brazilian Money)

Label: Self-Released, Psychic Handshake RecordingsTotally Disconnected

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Release Date: October 28, 2016

Tags: experimental, garage pop, indie rock, lo-fi





Last week it was brought up to me that the band name Brazilian Money was not cool for me to claim. I’m sure not many of you know, but there was a period of extreme economic instability and “hyperinflation” in the early 90’s (also, Brazil is currently in apparently it’s worst recession since the 1930’s ** because of political instability/corruption/ and a coup) where commodity prices would fluctuate within each day so much that it was hard to know if you could afford food between morning and afternoon.

**Edit** note from a Brazilian person:

“It was a crazy neoliberal moment, and the solution they had was to come up with a new currency. Which is the one we have now, Real. Anyways, Brazil is going through a COUP, held by the same neoliberal white people from the 90’s plus the nostalgic children of the military dictatorship that assaulted the country for the 20 years prior to the story you tell. So if there is anything you wanna do that acknowledges the past and ongoing struggles and resistance, or that tries to just a little repay for the name you took, it should be making that clear. Let people know of what is happening. Of what we are going through. #FORATEMER #OUTTEMER #COUPINBRAZIL”

ANYWAY, originally the band name was something my 20-year old brain thought just sounded cool (which is it’s own bag of worms) but when I found out about this issue, I thought that the solution a few economists came up with was a cool idea, and started thinking about it in terms of this, but failed to realize that the whole situation revolved around real people going through real struggle that I have no part of, know very little about, and romanticized.

So, I change the band name. I was thinking all week and thought of a lot of really bad ones I couldn’t get behind in time for a show we played, so we’re just gonna be called “The Gary Jerry John-John Band” for a second to give me a little time to think of a real name.

from Bancamp


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