screechy club / I don’t like the indiepop band [Bandcamp, Cassette, Digital Release]

screechy club


Band Name: screechy club

Label: Barokah Records

Location: Ashikaga, Japan

Release Date: April 11, 2015

Tags: indie pop, lo-fi, lo-fi pop, noise pop, punk





screechy club is Takuya Mitsumura’s project band beside Mittsu, THE CAMERONS and Siap!

Hailing from Ashikaga, Japan, screechy club will give you the noisy, lo-fi yet sweet pop songs you’ll ever heard. But you know, I personally love something noisy and lo-fi, because there’s a honesty inside the songs. Like in this EP, I (and I hope you) can feel the honesty that Takuya bring to us.
screechy club brings the C86 nostalgic stuff, Japanese twee pop/noise pop aesthetics with some influence from Sarah/K Records early releases. And this is why i love this EP: there’s a lot of things that screechy club give to us through this EP.

You’ll love this if you’re a fan of Beat Happening, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Boyracer, Henry’s Dress, etc.

from Barokah Records

Links: Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / SoundCloud / Tumblr / Twitter

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