Scott & Charlene’s Wedding / Delivered EP 12″ [Bandcamp, Vinyl, Digital Release]

Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Band Name: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

Labels: Fire Records, and more

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Release Date: January 2016 (shipping out on or around 05 December 2015)

Tags: alternative, garage pop, indie rock







*10月28日 東京 (TOKYO) – RHYMING SLANG @ Batica (Ebisu), 19:00. ¥1000 + drink.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Yüksen Buyers House, Screechy Club, Jappers. DJ: TA-1, Wizzjones


*10月29日 東京 (TOKYO) – UK ROCK NIGHT @ Hub (Shibuya), 20:00.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (acoustic set), DJ: 加藤直樹、サイトウユウキ


*10月30日 松本 (MATSUMOTO) – HUNGRY BEAT @ Give me little more 18:30. ¥2500.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Small Square, 同時多発ネコ, DJ: まきのしん, HB! DJs


*10月31日 横浜 (YOKOHAMA) – HALLOWEEN PARTY @ Shichoshitsu Sono 2 (Koganecho), 16:30. ¥1000.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Boys Age, Potlucks, Servals. DJ: Emerald, Gou, Grant McGaheran


*11月1日 東京 (TOKYO) – FARM PARTY 17 @ Ruby Room (Shibuya), 19:00. ¥1000 + drink.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, tailor made for a small room, Andersens, French Kissingers. DJ: Ruka Ikeda, craig eee


*11月2日 浜松 (HAMAMATSU) SONERECORDS presents NEW POP #28 @ Kirchherr, 19:30. ¥2000.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, towel, more. DJ Hirano.


*11月3日 大阪 (OSAKA) TBA

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (acoustic), Go Tsushima, more


*11月4日 大阪 (OSAKA) YELLOWKNIFE @ Hokage, 18:30. ¥1800.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, bent, Red Dolphins, Spider Cloud, メシアと人人


*11月4日 大阪 (OSAKA) @ chika-ikkai, 19:00, ¥1500

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, she said, And Summer Club, DJ: 832boy (THE FULL TEENZ), more


*11月6日 福岡 (FUKUOKA) DEAD YOU NIGHT 3 @ Utero, 18:30. ¥2000.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Hearsays, 博多人形, folk enough, Chainsaw TV. DJ: Kendrick Omar, yuitz




Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Jackie Boy



Links: Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / SoundCloud / Tumblr / Twitter

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